Rian Johnson Wants Jamie Lee Curtis For Poker Face Season 2

poker face creator Rian Johnson shares why Jamie Lee Curtis would be an excellent guest star in a possible second season. Johnson takes on the murder mystery genre once again with his new series, but where? Knives Out and glass bulb part of whodunit mystery style, poker face “case of the week” that focuses on how to catch the murderer rather than discovering who it is. The series follows Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne), who uses his uncanny ability to detect when people are lying to him and encounters new characters and puzzles to solve in each episode.

in an exclusive interview with Screen RentJohnson has revealed that Curtis will be a dream guest star in a potential second season of the show. poker face. She explains that one of Curtis’ first roles was to be a guest star. columbusinspirational Poker Faces style of “how do I catch them” mysteries. Johnson also praises the impressive guest stars in the first season, voicing his distrust of the actors they can work with.

You have so many incredible guest stars on this show. Judith Light, Hong Chau, probably my favourite, Jamila Jameel, Tim Meadows. Is there anything that sticks to you the most? And is there anyone you want to get for season 2?

Rian Johnson: So, every single one of them stood out. Every week, “I can’t believe we have Nick Nolte and Cherry Jones. I can’t believe we have Ellen Barkin. I can’t believe we have Tim Blake Nelson.” Absolutely incredible.

For season 2, I never want to say names out loud because I never want to jinx someone. There are so many different people. If I could convince Jamie Lee Curtis to join one of these, I would do it right away. [One of] its first [jobs] was in a chapter columbus. ask google. He has a great scene with Peter Falk as the waiter in the restaurant.

How Can Jamie Lee Curtis Fit Into The Poker Face World?

poker face Charlie features an impressive new guest cast in each episode as he constantly travels to new places and is inevitably drawn into a lawsuit. The series was set up to bring in actors who were often unsuitable for television roles due to their busy schedules. Curtis would be an excellent addition to a potential second season. poker face, especially since he and Johnson had previously worked together on incredibly successful films Knives Out.

With Poker Fakee to get inspired Columbo’s Style of Mystery and Curtis’ guest appearance on the murder mystery classic previously featured on Johnson’s series could be a full-circle moment for the acclaimed actress. If Johnson were to lean into that completely, he could use him as a waiter or the owner of a restaurant and listen to him. Colombo role. It would also be interesting to see if Johnson refers to his role in the movie. Knives Out. Johnson recently announced poker face it’s actually a tv series inside Knives Out universe similar light year to be in a movie Toy Story Universe.

She shared Natasha’s cameo. glass bulb Natasha in Knives Out the universe in it poker face Trailer. With its inclusion in the Knives Out Universe, Curtis can play an entirely new character or look like him. Knives Out Her character adds an Easter egg for die-hard fans, providing clues as to how Linda’s life changed after her husband discovered her affair and lost her inheritance. Whichever way Johnson approaches, Curtis will be the perfect guest star to bring. poker face as any number of characters.

first four episodes poker face Premiere January 26 at Peac*ok.


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